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Running a daycare can be a transactional nightmare. Maybe you find collecting money from parents to be a messy process. Perhaps you dread the end of the fiscal year when, on top of personal and business tax returns, you have to issue childcare receipts to parents. Maybe the worst part is that you're always having to re-hire and re-train new employees, and as a result payroll and scheduling is a regular headache.


We're here to tell you that all of these time-consuming problems can be made simple. We're not saying you're never hit the occasional roadblock, but we know how to reduce the hours you spend on repetitive tasks, then when things get tricky, you'll have the time to deal with them.

Let us Help you Simplify your Daycare Operations

  • Access your business and customer information online at anytime

  • Easily set up automatic withdrawal for parents

  • Automate your invoicing to simplify collecting from parents

  • Simplify and automate your bill payments

  • Easily manage scheduling and payroll, even with high turnover

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