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Stacks of Coins

At Plugged-IN CPA , we’ve combined our team’s extensive experience with the cutting-edge capabilities of Wagepoint to ensure a seamless payroll experience that leaves no room for CRA penalties or administrative headaches.


Recognizing that every business is unique, we offer two payroll solutions to cater to your specific needs: Self-Serve with Support or Full-Cyle Payroll.  


Self-Serve Payroll

With our Self-Serve option, we provide assistance in setting up your payroll on the cloud software Wagepoint. As you hire new staff, we handle the setup process, when a team member moves on, we file all the necessary forms and ROE’s,  at year-end, we take care of filing your T4’s and WorkSafe submissions.

Your role in this process will be to enter your employee’s hours and run the payroll each period. Rest assured, the system will automatically handle remittances to the Canada Revenue Agency. Your employees will benefit from the convenience of direct deposit and an online portal, giving them easy access to pay stubs and T4s at any time.


Full Cycle Payroll

For the ultimate peace of mind, opt for our Full-Service Payroll. This comprehensive solution encompasses everything offered in the  Self-Serve option, along with the added advantage of having a dedicated team member handling day-to-day processing, updating employee wage rates, and managing expense reports. All you need to do is provide us with the hours of your employees, and we’ll take care of the rest.


No matter which option suits your business best, we are here to help. Whether you prefer the flexibility of Self-Serve or the convenience of Full Cycle Payroll, our experienced team is ready to ensure your payroll runs flawlessly.

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